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*Please Note- All our livefoods are ordered fresh ensuring you receive the best possible quality. Due to this your order will be despatched within 3-4 days.

‘Zophobas morio’ is a species of darkling beetle, whose larvae are known by the common name Superworms, Morio Worms or super giants. Morio worms are accepted by lizards, turtles, frogs, salamanders, birds, koi and other insectivorous animals such as monkeys.

The insect’s larvae resemble very large mealworms, about 50 to 60 long when full size. Their nutritional values are similar to those of mealworms, so it is possible that supplementation with calcium is necessary if they are used as a staple food item. In some cases they are preferred over mealworms due to their softer exoskeleton, making them more digestible to some reptiles.

Upon receiving your order empty them into a well-ventilated container and keep at room temperature, feeding bran and small pieces of chopped carrot.

Morio worms are an insect that are effected by the cold weather so if they appear to be dead on arrival put it near a warm source for around an hour to see them start moving around again.

Maturity and size of live foods can vary from picture shown.

Morio Mealworms