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Peace of mind that your pet will be in expert hands whilst you're away

About Us

Whether boarding your pet with us or making enquiries regarding your pets set up, husbandry or products that you need to purchase, it is Lisa that will be assisting you. We know how important it is to have peace of mind that your pet is receiving the specialist care they deserve, or that you are receiving expert advice regarding products or your animals welfare.

Lisa has had a lifelong interest in all animal species which initially led to pet keeping. She has kept and bred a wide variety of pets over the years, until she began a full time career working with reptiles and small animals in 2008.

Lisa began Reptile and Pet Boarding in 2010 alongside her day job, then in 2012 she began assisting animal charities in the UK by fostering stray, confiscated and accidentally imported non native animals. The animals she fostered included reptiles, chelonians, amphibians, invertebrates, small animals and birds. This experience of rehabilitating such a wide variety of animals, that were often in extremely delicate conditions upon arrival, expanded her range of care abilities for exotic animals. Having to administer an array of medications and provide optimal conditions in order for animals to recover during their aftercare, has enabled Lisa to provide an even deeper level of care for your pet. She since went on to obtain an Exotic Animal Management Diploma.

Every pet that comes to stay at Riverview Reptiles is guaranteed home from home love and attention during their stay.

Lisa is more than happy to share her experience and expertise regarding responsible pet care. Animal welfare is at the top of her list of priorities and Lisas main aim is to give all animals within her care the best environment and enrichment possible.

Which pet are you buying for?

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

Image by Yeh Xintong

Crested Gecko



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