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UV Light Bulbs 

Most species of reptile are exposed to natural UVB light in their natural habitat. Therefor getting the correct level of UV lighting for your reptile is essential for the well being of your pet. We stock UV light bulbs to suit most species including Bearded Dragons, Tortoises, Geckos and more. If you are unsure which UV light bulb your pet should have, please get in touch so we can advise.

To mimic a reptiles natural habitat it is essential to provide the correct level of UVB. UVB bulbs for years have been measured in percentage, commonly 5%, 6%, 10% or 12%. This was a very old way of measuring the amount of UVB put out by a bulb and with the standard of today's bulbs being far better, the percentage calculation simply isn't good enough. 

This is why we now measure the strength of UV bulbs using the Ferguson Zone.

Use this guide to decide which UV bulb is right for your reptile. Or get in touch and our experts will advise you.


Chosing the right UV Bulb

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