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Riverview Reptiles Livestock List

Welcome to Riverview reptiles stock list. Our list is updated frequently but as we are busy, please always check we have what you want in stock by phone or message before travelling.
As a responsible pet store we require to see proof of an appropriate set up before any animal leaves our shop, we reserve the right to refuse a sale based on these grounds. 
Riverview Reptiles has been awarded the higher standards 5 star Animal Activities Licence by Charnwood Borough Council licence number CBCAAL/044.


0.1 Panther Chameleon Furcifer pardalis £125

0.0.1 Keel Bellied Lizard Gastropholis prasina £230
0.1 Giant Madagascan Day Gecko Phelsuma grandis NOW £110
1.0.0 Hainan Cave Gecko Goniurosaurus hainanensis £99.99
0.0.1 Citrus Bearded Dragons £99.99
0.0.1 Citrus Leather back Bearded Dragons £129.99

1.0 Collared Lizard Crotophytus collaris £135
0.2 Collared Lizard Crotophytus collaris £150
1.0.0 Ackie Monitor Varanus acanthurus £235
0.0.3 Crested Geckos Several Morphs £69.99

0.0.2 Hypo Leopard Gecko £49.99
0.0.1 Albino Leopard Gecko £49.99
0.1.0 Tangerine Striped Eclipse Leopard Gecko £52.99
0.1.0 Mack Snow Eclipse Leopard Gecko £52.99
0.1.0 Tangerine Murphy Patternless £52.99
1.0.0 Super Mack Snow £52.99
0.1.0 Tangerine Rainwater Albino £89.99

0.0.1 Gargoyle Gecko Rhacodacylus auriculatus £132.49
1.2 Green Anoles Anolis Carolinensis £18.99 each

Mourning Geckos £25


1.0 'Jack' Gold Dust Day Gecko £70 Free with setup

1.1 Sudan Plates Lizards £125 Pair Free with setup

10 'Stumpy' Bearded Dragon £75 Free with setup

0.1 'Winnie' Bearded Dragon £75 Free with setup


0.0.1 Mojave Royal Python £59.99

0.0.1 Mystic Royal Python £59.99
0.1.0 Tangerine Honduran Milk snake £135
0.0.1 Anery Corn Snake Pantheophis guttatus £49.99
3.0.0 Wild Type Corn Snake Pantherophis guttatus £49.99

0.0.1 Anery Tessera Corn snake £69.99

0.0.1 Amelanistic - Het Anery, Het Hypo Corn snake £59.99

0.0.3 Anery - Het Hypo, Het Amel Corn snake £59.99

0.0.2 Wild type - Het Anery, Het Hypo, Het Amel Corn snake £59.99

0.0.3 Tessera - Het Anery, Het Hypo Het Amel Corn snake £59.99

0.0.1 Snow Tessera Corn snake £99.99

0.0.1 Green tree Python £849.99



0.0.4 Vietnamese Moss Frogs Theloderma corticale £70
0.0.2 CB Oriental Fire Bellied Toads Bombina orientalis £35
0.0.1 Pac-Man Frog Ceratophyrus cornuta £36.99
0.0.4 Amazon Milk Frogs Trachycephalus resinifictrix £62.50
0.0.20 Axolotls Morphs £30 Wild Type £20

0.0.2 Red Eyed Tree Frogs £75 each


0.0.1 Herman’s Tortoise Testudo Hermani £175
0.2 Spekes Hingeback Tortoise Kinixys spekii (rare) £190



SA Martinique Pink Toe C versicolor £99.99
Red Slate Ornamental P rufilata £62.50
Goliath Pink Toe A braunshauseni £52.50
Togo Starburst H maculata £7.99
Indian Ornamental P regalis £15.99
Java Tree Tiger P sp rufus £23.99
Amazon Saphire Pink Toe Y diversipes £32.50
LSD Earthtiger devamatha £65
Thai Zebra M albostriatum £12.99
Thai Yellow Fringe O aureotibialis £14.99
Amazon Red Head B horrida £10.49
Green Bottle Blue C cyanopubescens £26.99
Golden Blue Legged Baboon H pulchripes £28.99
Cobalt Blue C lividus £15.99
Himalayan Earth Tiger H himalayana £13.99
Asian Fawn C huahini £4.99
Blue Fang E cyanognathus £39.99
Pygmy Fireleg K brunnipes £21.99
Mexican Fireleg B bohemi £80 and £91.99
Fire Red Pumpkin PatchH sp Guerilla £52.99
Paraguay Red Hair N carapoensis £16.99
Canaveral Red Rump T canaveral £26.49
Curly Hair T albipilosus £5.99
Columbian Blue Leg H longipes £10.99
Mexican Red Rump T vagans £14.49
Venezuelan Suntiger P irmina £9.99
Kinsoma Starburst Baboon P murinus DCF £20
Blue Foot Baboon I mira £25
Chaco Golden Knee G pulchripes £26
Purple Earth Tiger C sp Hati Hati
Brazilian Red and White N chromatus £35
Goliath Bird Eater T blondi £137.50
Salmon Pink L parabayhana £26
Sarawak Blue B simoxigorum £137.50
Mexican Red Leg B emilia £104.99


Regal Jumping Spider P regius £30
Cameroon Crab Spider B scutatus £7.99
European Huntsman £6.99


Vietnamese Ghost Mantis P kuhlii £19.50
European Dwarf Mantis Ameles spallanzania £4.99
European Mantis M religiosa £4.99
Dead leaf Mantis D dessicata £10.99
Giant Chinese Mantis H patellifera £9.99
Timor Shield Mantis R kirbyi £9.99
Yunnan Flower Mantis C yunnan £9.99
Green Glass Mantis £9.99
Glass Mantis S denticulata £26


Desert Hairy Scorpion H arizonensis £41.99
Borneo Forest Scorpion H longimanus £38.99
Blue Death Feigning Beetles A verrucosus £30
Pair Stag Beetles P savagei £30
Java Red Head Centipede S so Java £49.99
Discoid Roaches £3.99
Question Mark Roaches £5.99
Giant African Train Millipedes £16.99
Albino African Giant Land Snails £3.50
Black Beauty Stick Insects P schultei £3.99 each

We offer a 2 week guarantee on Vertebrates purchased from us in store. If you need any help or advise please get in touch.


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