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Riverview Reptiles Livestock List

Welcome to Riverview reptiles stock list. Our list is updated frequently but as we are busy, please always check we have what you want in stock by phone or message before travelling.
As a responsible pet store we require to see proof of an appropriate set up before any animal leaves our shop, we reserve the right to refuse a sale based on these grounds. 
Riverview Reptiles has been awarded the higher standards 5 star Animal Activities Licence by Charnwood Borough Council licence number CBCAAL/044.


0.0.1 Frilled Dragon (C. kingii)
0.1.0 Green Keel Bellied Lizard (G. prasina)
1.0.0 European Eyed Lizard (T. lepidus)
0.2.0 Collared Lizard (C. collaris)
1.1.0 Cuban Brown Anoles (A. sagrei)
1.0.0 Blue Headed Anole (A. allisoni)
2.1.0 Black Bellied Wall Lizards (P. muralis nigriventris)
3.0.0 Bauer's Chameleon Gecko (E. agricolae)
0.0.1 New Caledonian Giant Gecko (R. leachianus henkeli)
0.4.0 Yellow Crested Jackson's Chameleon (T. jacksonii xantholophus)
1.0.0 Tokay Gecko (G. gecko)
1.0.0 White & Yellow Copper Temper Leopard Gecko (E. macularius)
0.0.1 Mack Snow Leopard Gecko (E. macularius)
0.0.7 Crested Gecko (C.cilliatus)
1.1 Yemen Chameleon Chameloe calyptratus


0.0.1 Green Tree Python (M. viridis)
0.0.1 Amazon Tree Boa - H phase (C. hortulanus)
0.1.0 Honduran Milk Snake (L. trianglum hondurensis)
2.1.0 Anerythristic Corn Snake (P. guttatus)
0.1.0 Anerythrisitic Tessera Corn snake (P. guttatus)
2.1.0 Wild Type Corn Snake (P. guttatus)
1.1.0 Tessera Corn Snake (P. guttatus)
0.1.0 Royal Python Lesser Pastel
0.1.0 Royal Python Pastel, Yellow Belly


0.0.4 Red Eyed Tree Frogs (A. callydryas)
0.0.4 Fire Bellied Toads (B. orientalis)
0.0.5 Blue Splashback Dart Frog (A. galactonotus 'blue')
2.2.0 Copper Axolotl (A. mexicanum)
2.2.0 Wild Type Axolotl (A. mexicanum)
0.0.3 Golfadulcean Poison Arrow Frogs- P vittatus
0.0.3 Blue Footed Leucomelas "Cerra Autana" - D leucomelas


0.0.2 CB23 Hermans Tortoise (Testudo hermanni) £185 each



SA/A Curly Hair (T. albopilosus)

SAF Indian Violet (C. fimbratus)

SAF Eastern Horned Baboon (C. darlingi)

SA/A Venezuelan Sun Tiger (P. irminia)

SA/A Harlequin Pink Toe (Y. sooretama)

Juv Pink Toe (A. avic)

Juv OBT (P. murinus RCF)

Juv Blue Foot Baboon (I. mira)

Juv Mexican Fire Leg (B. bohemi)

Juv Pumpkin Patch - Large form (H. formosus)

Juv Sazmas Tarantula (L. sazmai)

6-7cm White Striped Birdeater (V. chromatus)

6-7cm Salmon Pink Birdeater (L. parahybana)

5-6cm Goliath Birdeater (T. blondi)

5cm Mexican Red Knee (B. hamorii)

4-5cm Colombian Blue Leg (H. longipes)

3-4cm Golden Blue Leg (H. pulchripes)

3cm Java Tree Tiger (P. sp 'Rufus)

2cm Purple Earthtiger (C. sp 'Hati Hati)

1-2cm Malaysian Earthtiger (O. schioedtei)

1-2cm Kinsoma Starburst Baboon (P. murinus DCF)

1-2cm Thai Yellow Fringe (O. aureotibialis)

1-2cm Fringed Ornamental (P. ornata)

1-2cm Lowland Ivory (P. subfusca)

1cm Midnight Blue (C. sp 'Midnight Blue)

1cm Unicorn Baboon (C. marshalli)

1cm Fort Hall Baboon (P. lugardi)

1cm Mexican Red Rump (T. vagans)

1cm OBT (P. murinus RCF)

1cm Purple Earthtiger (C. sp 'Hati Hati)

1cm Martinique Pink Toe (C. versicolor)

1cm Carlsbad Green (A. gabeli)

1cm Himalayan Earthtiger (H. himalayana)

1cm Mexican Tiger Rump (D. pentaloris)

1cm Mexican Red Knee (B. hamorii)

1cm Yellow Bottle Blue (Pseudohapalopus. sp 'Colombia)

1-2cm Chaco Golden Knee (G. pulchripes)

1cm Zimbabwe Grey (C. meridionalis)

1cm Sazimas Tarantula (Pterinopelma sazimai)

1cm Togo Starburst (Heteroscodra maculata)

1cm Electric Blue Earth Tiger (C. natanicharum)

1cm Sazmas Tarantula (L. sazmai)

1cm Paraguay Red Hair (Nhandu carapoensis)

1cm Eastern Horned Baboon (Ceratogyrus darlingi)

1cm Cañaveral Red Rump (Tlitocatl cañaveral)


SA/A Lichen Huntsman (H. boei)

Juv Giant Orb Weaver (Trichonephila so)

SA/A Golden Desert Scorpion (S. marus palmatus)

SA/A Thai Forest Scorpion (H. laoticus)

SAF Regal Jumping Spider (Phiddipus regius)

0.5cm Gold Wafer Lid Trap Door (Fufius lanicius)

0.5cm Green Lynx Spider (P. viridis)

Adult Green Jewel Beetles (Chlorocala africana africana)

Giant African Train Millipedes (Archispirostreptus gigas)

Adult Discoid Roaches (B. discoidalis)

2-3cm Albino Giant African Land Snail (Achatina fulica)

2-3cm Giant African Land Snail (Achatina fulica)

Adult Black Beauty Stick Insects (Peruphasma schultei)

Giant Thin Stick Insects (Ramulus nematodes)

CB F1 L3 Dwarf European Mantis (Ameles spallanzania)

Ghost Mantis (P. paradoxa)

Giant Asian Mantis (H. membranacea)

Violin Mantis (G. gonglyodes)

Malay Flower Mantis (C. urbanus)

Primitive Jumping Ants (H. venator)

European Red Ants (M. ruginodis)

Giant European Carpenter Ants (C. ligniperda)

Asian Carpenter Ants (C. aureventris)

Asian Carpenter Ants (C. nicobarensis)

Orange Headed Ants (P. pieli)

Panda King Isopods Colony with babies (Cubaris sp Panda King)

Greek Pill Bugs (A. officianalis)

Orange Springtails (Protanura sp)

We offer a 2 week guarantee on Vertebrates purchased from us in store. If you need any help or advise please get in touch.


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