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Sure, here is some information about the Arcadia 35w Mini Halogen:

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Arcadia 35w Mini Halogen

The Arcadia 35w Mini Halogen is a high-output halogen basking bulb that is perfect for reptiles of all sizes. It is made from high-quality glass, which is very durable and can withstand even the most active reptiles.

The Mini Halogen is also very energy efficient. It uses only 35 watts of power, but it can provide the same amount of heat as a 75-watt standard tungsten bulb. This makes it a great option for people who are looking to save energy on their reptile lighting.

The Mini Halogen has a built-in metal reflector that helps to direct the heat and light to the basking spot. This ensures that your reptile is getting the heat and light they need to stay healthy and active.

The Mini Halogen also has a high output of Infra-Red-A (IRA) light, which is essential for reptiles to maintain their natural body temperature and metabolism. IRA light also helps to stimulate natural behaviors such as basking and digestion.

The Mini Halogen is also very easy to use. It can be mounted on top of a mesh enclosure or inside of a vivarium. It also comes with a dimmer switch, so you can a