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*Please Note- All our livefoods are ordered fresh ensuring you receive the best possible quality. Due to this your order will be despatched within 3-4 days.

The Silent Cricket is the staple diet of the majority of insect eating pets. This is a day active insect that will bask in a hot spot and therefore show itself to potential predators. Where reliability, and proven performance is required, this is the one! Supplementing can be by gut loading or dusting and this cricket can be supplied in a range of sizes from 2mm to 30mm.

For best results, upon receiving your order empty into a well ventilated container, keep at room temperature and feed vegetables such as carrot or potato. If they are cold when they arrive they may appear to be dead, however put them close to a warm heat source for an hour or so and they will start to come around.

Maturity and size of live foods can vary from picture shown. Species may be substituted for brown house crickets if demand is high.

Silent Crickets

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