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*Please Note- All our livefoods are ordered fresh ensuring you recieve the best possible quality. Due to this there may be a delay on your order so please allow for this when ordering.

Waxworms are the caterpillar larvae of wax moths. They are high in protein and calcium which makes them highly nutritious and great for fattening up your animals. However, they also have a high fat content so should only be fed as treats or to aid their health and not part of a staple diet. There soft skin and bright white colour makes them easy to spot and digest for most animals.
Waxworms can be stored in the container they come in or can be emptied into a larger well-ventilated container. Kept relatively cool and dark they can last several weeks before they start to pupate. If you feel the need to feed them, they can be fed bran and honey.
Maturity and size of live foods can vary from picture shown.

Waxworms Single Tub